From the first years of the Green Crescent’s foundation forward, projects pertaining to culture and the arts have always proved effective in reaching a wide audience and raising awareness on the subject of addiction prevention. With our “International Cartoon Contest”, first organized in 2016, we gained the opportunity to see once more the importance of artists depicting their perspectives through their art, and that addiction is a global danger.

With the first contest that we organized in 2016, dimensions of addictions harming human and social life were pointed out in these special works. Once more, with the contest, the global risk of addiction was seen through works from different countries and cultural codes. This contest helped us raise global awareness as well as look at addiction from different perspectives against addiction problem threatening all humanity.

We are beyond happy to note that this contest, garnering more and more attention each year, has received 908 submissions by 479 cartoonists from 55 countries this year. My sincere thanks to all the artists who have joined us in our struggle against addiction for their sensitivity and their hard work.

By the occasion of this contest, all our cartoonists have now become a “voice of Green Crescent and envoy of a good and healthy lifestyle”. Their involvement has brought us strength and renewed our faith that we will prevail in our struggle against addiction so long as we all, young and old, act in unison.

As Green Crescent, we will continue day in and day out to strengthen the “promise” we made one century ago with hope, determination, and with the contributions of the artists who support us in our mission.

With my respects,

Prof. Dr. Mücahit Öztürk
President of Green Crescent