Dear Friends of Green Crescent, As the Turkish Green Crescent Society, we work towards the goal of independence for each and every person in our world; we bring to life many projects in line with this greater goal. One of these projects is the International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest, the 5th of which is held this year.

We believe that cartoon drawings are an important path towards increasing perception around independence in people’s hearts and minds. From exactly this perspective, we do not view the International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest as just a contest, but as a significant piece of our struggle for independence.

This year, our contest, garnering great interest since its first year, received record participation, with 2,034 works submitted by 1088 artists from 69 different countries. We carry our struggle and experience to the global arena thanks to the high participation we reach each year. We express the topic of addiction, a significant social issue all around the world, through the power of art.

We thank all the cartoonists and jury members participating in the contest for their contribution to our efforts to tackle addiction. We believe that an independent future is not just a dream for our country and the world. We will continue to take steps to realize our goal of an independent future. On this path, your support adds strength to our strength.

With Kind Regards,

Prof. Dr. Mücahit Öztürk
President of Green Crescent