With The International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest, it is intended to draw attention to addictions, raise awareness and in this way to ensure that the public, especially the young people, think about the addictions and develop reflexes through humor and cartoon which is an universal language. And this contest attracted a lot of attention. 65 countries, 510 participants, 1225 cartoon participate in the contest and the first winner was ismail Büken from Turkey. Cartoons of contest will be exhibited at the week of Green Crescent.

Applications for the International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest, which was organized for the first time by Green Crescent this year, have been completed. 510 participants from 65 countries, including USA, Brazil, Mexico, European countries, Indonesia, China, Australia and the Middle East, applied to the contest with 1225 works combining the art of addiction and caricature. It was aimed that the artists mention to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, technology, gambling addiction, as well as sub-titles and the damages that addictions have on man and society too.

The winner of the 2. International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest was İsmail Büken from Turkey. The other five successfully found cartoons are İlya Katz from Israel, Bahman Jalali Nokandeh from Iran, Luc de Scheemaeker from Belgium, Silvano Melo from Brazil and Andrei Popov from Russia. The winner of the first prize will be awarded $ 3,000, and the five successful winners will be awarded $ 500 and a plaque of achievement.

The jury consortium was composed of Prof Dr. Peyami Çelikcan, Rectorate of Istanbul Sehir University and President of the Scientific Comitee of Turkish Green Crescent; Metin Peker, President of the Cartooners Foundation; the caricaturists Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu and Igor Smirnov from Russia. And the results were determined by this jury.
Cartoon exhibition in the week of Green Crescent
International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest awards will be given at week of Green Crescent. Artifacts entering the competition will also be exhibited at week of Green Crescent.